MXL has earned a reputation for manufacturing CCTV security camera domes for over 30 years. Over the years, we have focused on optical products. When dealing with the stringent requirements of the Security Industry clear, undistorted optics and uncompromising protection of the camera and electronics is essential. Using innovations in clear and tint polycarbonate and acrylic our products are designed to perform in a wide variety of environments and light conditions. Whether recording on a misty morning or at high noon, MXL makes the right security camera dome to meet the most demanding needs.

Our service line in the CCTV security camera arena includes the following:

  • Injection Mold Design and Construction
  • Injection Molding (polycarbonate and/or acrylic) of Security Camera Domes
  • Injection Molding (ABS, glass-filled polycarbonate, etc.) of Trim Rings
  • Anti-abrasion Coating of Security Camera Domes
  • Vacuum-Deposition Coating (gold, chrome, etc.) of Security Camera Domes
  • Procurement of Accessory Components (o-rings, screws, tamper proof screws, painted screws, washers, lanyards, pop rivets, magnets, foam, warning cards, etc.)
  • Assembly and World-wide Drop-shipping
  • Quality Assurance Testing (optical distortion, prismatic deviation, refractive power, luminous transmittance, haze, abrasion resistance, chromaticity, etc.)

MXL takes great pride in manufacturing performance optics that meet the most stringent standards for clarity, zero distortion, impact resistance, and long-term durability. Our customers are demanding, and to meet their challenge we rigorously inspect and test all of our products before they leave our facility; and that is why MXL’s optics are trusted by manufacturers the world over.

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