At MXL quality control begins with the receipt of an order, and continues throughout all manufacturing processes, testing, packaging, and shipment to the customer. MXL continues to invest in Quality Department talent and the Quality Lab. MXL recently tripled the size of the Lab and moved it in our manufacturing facility. The manufacturing processes benefit from the Quality Lab's close proximity to the entire manufacturing process.

MXL's Quality Lab is equipped to perform required testing verifying the optical, abrasion-resistance, ballistic, and dimensional performance of Military Visors, Motorcycle Helmet Shields, Chemical and Fire Industry Respirator Visors, Security Camera Domes, and many other optical plastic parts products.

  • Prismatic Deviation using custom laser test sets and Refractive Power using lensometers.
  • Spectral measurements on the resin's performance for Ultraviolet Transmittance, Chromaticity, and Neutrality using a Spectrophotometer.
  • Luminous Transmittance, Haze, and Clarity on molded and coated optical products using a Hazemeter.
  • Lens Shape and Smoothness using one of our two Interferometers.
  • Dimensional checks are done by regular hand tools as well as a Video Measurement System and/or a Coordinate Measuring machine (CMM).
  • Accelerated weathering tests for Solar Radiation, Humidity, Temperature and Shock, and UV Weathering done in accordance with ASTM Test Standards and MIL-STD- 810.
  • Ballistics testing is performed on Military Visors using a certified tester for MIL-STD-662, using T-37 projectiles. In addition a test apparatus is used to perform ballistic testing on non-military products in accordance with ANSI Z87.1 and Snell.
  • Coating performance is verified using abrasion resistance testing devices such as Taber Abrader, Summer's Arsenal and Light Diffusion tester for Europeon motorcycle Helmet visors. MXL's QMS (Quality Management System) is ISO-9001:2008 certified and has been reviewed by many companies, including major customers who have performed quality audits.

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