Volume production of optical plastic coating using state-of-the-art equipment to enhance polycarbonate and acrylic parts. MXL Industries offers a wide range of proprietary coating processes for plastic substrates:

  • Scratch-resistant (anti-abrasion) coatings
  • Anti-Fog coatings (including MXL's proprietary HYDRON® for a permanent hydrophilic anti-fog solution)
  • Vacuum deposited coatings
    • Anti-reflection coatings
    • Beam splitter coatings
    • Metallic coatings
    • Multi-layer dielectric coatings
Using technical skill, dedication and capital-intensive automation, MXL has spent the last 40 years developing and perfecting its coating technology and operations. State-of-art PLC-controlled application and material handling bring precision and process cleanliness to our high-volume production lines. Our facility also has the flexibility to handle multiple coatings on individual parts and to coat parts of unusual shape or design.

MXL's standards for production equipment and production methods have always far exceeded industry norms. Our coating lines feature a controlled, enclosed environment and are CFC free enabling MXL to consistently achieve the goal of 100% customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.

DIP - cleaning, dipping and curing process which uses no CFC's
SPRAY - single-sided coating, coating opposite sides with different materials or part configurations which preclude dipping

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