The basics of warfare have remained unchanged for centuries: men and machines take and defend territory and national assets. The how of that task has evolved, of course, such that today's battlefield is replete with sophisticated weapons systems employing the latest technological advances to protect the friendly forces and confound the foe. And while much of these advances employ electronics where human interface was once required, the human asset -- the individual soldier, sailor, airman or marine -- is still ultimately an integral part of most of these systems. He or she must be given the very best of equipment to accomplish the mission as well as the very best to protect themselves.

Vision -- both basic visual acuity as well as precise information display -- is a critical element in the success of many of these systems. Whether the task is as complex as ensuring a pilot can bet his life on the image of a bogey on his heads-up-display or as mundane as preventing a soldier in his gas mask from feeling nauseated from inferior lens optics, the optical quality of a system's lens component is crucial. Given its expertise in this arena, MXL actively and proudly participates in the military marketplace to ensure our warfighters are provided only the absolute best.

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