MXL's laser eye protection technology is currently being used for protection against a variety of wavelengths in the infrared and visible portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Working closely with our dye-manufacturing suppliers and our military customers we are developing new technology that will provide high-end laser eye protection that will block the key wavelengths of concern in military applications using only molded-in dyes. The molded-in dye technology is proven to be a vast improvement over the current LEP technologies. One key advantage is that the molded-in dye process will continue to protect design wavelengths even when the eyewear is abraded or scratched.

Our combined resources offer many benefits:
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility
  • In-house optical lab with on-site engineers and chemists for testing, research and development to meet the ever-changing industry
  • Increased resources to synthesize dye for your application and bring it to final product stage
  • ISO certification ensures we meet international standards, benefiting your global operations
  • Eyewear products manufactured to MIL SPECs, ANSI, CSA and CE standards

    With a large line of acrylic & polycarbonate products for virtually any application in the industrial, military, communications, medical and specialty filter markets, we look forward to working with you to meet your individual product needs.

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