MXL Industries is a leader in the molding and processing of polycarbonate, acrylic, polystyrene, and many engineered resins. Our focus on optical plastic injection molding makes us a world leader in this niche field.

With more than 30 years of experience in molding optical quality and transparent components using Polycarbonate, Acrylic, and many other optical resins, MXL can offer services from tool development... molding, coating and packaging... warehousing and shipping to you or directly to your customer or distribution centers. MXL Industries has the service and facilities to produce optical quality parts of virtually any size... any quantity... any configuration.

  • Clean/Climate-Controlled Molding Room features presses with enhanced capability for consistency and critical tolerances through controlled and closed loop process control which maximizes quality, minimizes scrap and controls costs

  • Compound Curve Optics - MXL has the unique ability to accomplish production of even the most optically sophisticated configurations. Our molding experience and equipment are unsurpassed

  • Complexity of Parts - MXL's ability to mold parts with complex geometries and features while retaining optical quality offers you the ultimate in product design flexibility

  • Highly Skilled and experienced operators and technicians are trained in the handling and inspection of optical parts
With a modern 50,000 square foot facility, MXL has made the investment necessary making us a complete solution provider to our customers. Currently, our 11 presses range in size from 60 to 440 tons and are equipped with closed-loop computer controls; producing optical and transparent components free of surface defects. We are continuously evaluating and upgrading our injection molding capabilities to ensure our customers receive the highest quality optical products.

At MXL, we help you maximize value and minimize cost. We maintain our competitive advantage through a strict focus on optical plastic products, manufacturing process innovation and exceptional customer service.

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