MXL's Research, Development and Engineering (RD&E) department evaluates each customer's product to determine the solution which best meets their specified requirements. MXL can provide a true end-to-end solution from injection mold design through molding, coating and assembly of your final product.

MXL's RD&E capabilities include:
  • A wide variety of part design software
  • A fully functioning chemistry lab which provides a platform for ongoing research into coating applications of new and improved coatings as they enter the market (such as anti-abrasion, anti-fog, and fast-response photochromic coatings)
  • Vacuum deposition coating design to achieve desired reflection, anti-reflection, and/or metalization
  • Custom manufacturing process development
  • Production of MXL's own proprietary, permanent, hydrophilic anti-fog coating - Hydron®.

    Recently completed initiatives include successful solutions for:
  •   NFPA compliant combination hardcoat / anti-fog solution
  •   European anti-fog solution
  •   Fast response photochromic coating
  •   Molded-in laser eye protection (LEP), up to three wave lengths
  • The RD&E department evaluates customer specifications and processing requirements for the following:
  •   Flow requirements to fill the mold (based on part geometry)
  •   Temperature constraints for laser-filtering dyes
  •   Haze requirements
  •   Light transmission requirements
  •   Ballistic requirements (flexibility and impact resistance)
  • Through MXL's commitment to RD&E, we are poised to offer innovative solutions for the following:
  •   Dip coating
  •   Flow Coating
  •   Spray Coating
  •   Spin Coating
  •   Combination of the above

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