We are proud to have the EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT feature on MXL’s website. We believe that MXL employs the best and are excited to introduce you to Roberta Yoder. Bert is a Vacuum Depostion Technician at MXL. She has been with us for 18 years, hired in September 1990.  It is a great pleasure to introduce you to Roberta Yoder:


What month were you born?  October 15, 1949

Where were you born?  Lancaster, PA

What city do you live in now? Manheim, PA

What is the best thing about living in Lancaster County?  Most of the people, the shopping malls and being close to my family.
Married?  To husband, Wilbur, for 19 years
Do you have any children? Ginny, Paula, Joe, Paul, Nicole and Tony.  I also have 24 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

Do you have any pets?  A cat named Dash

What do you like to do in your spare time? Read and spend as much time as I can with my husband and kids.

Where is the most interesting place you have traveled?  Illinois
Where would you go if you could go anywhere and why? Ray's Town Lake because it's relaxing and I have a lot of fun there with my family.
What do your coworkers, most if not all, not know about you that you are willing to share and we would be surprised to learn?   I went to trade school to become a carpenter and I have my degree.
What are you most passionate about? Husband, kids and grandchildren.
Do you do any volunteer work?  Where?  Moose in Lancaster.  We do Bingos, Christmas parties at the Veteran's Hospital and fundraisers for the kids at Mooseheart in Illinois.
What was the best advice on life you received?     To always enjoy life and to do the best you can at everything you do.  Never give up trying (given by my mother).

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Work with special needs children

What was your first job? Washing cars at Triangle Car Wash

Why did you apply to MXL? I worked in plastics at Playskool.  I started running machines and was promoted to group leader and liked it so I wanted to stay in the same type of work.

Education, experience or skills gained prior to (or gained while) working at MXL?  I got my high school diploma.  I have learned so much since working for MXL.  The most important thing I learned was to run the Vacuum Deposition machines.
Why have you chosen to continue working with MXL? I love the work I do and the people I work around and with.
What are your fondest memories during your time with MXL? Watching the plant grow and having fun times at picnics, dinners, etc. with the people I work with.
What is your best advice for a new employee? Just hang in there and do the best you can.  Learn to read the people you work with.
Favorite website:  Yahoo
Last book you read and why:  "The Rana Look" - I like romance novels.
Favorite book (or author):  Sandra Brown
Favorite movie, actor or actress: Doris Day and Rock Hudson.
Favorite music or musician: I like all types of music.
Your hero and why:  My husband.  Without him I wouldn't exist.
Favorite food:  Ham
Best place to eat in Lancaster County:  My house!  My husband was a chef.
What is on your screen saver / computer wallpaper?  Rainfall
What was you first vehicle? A Pontiac Sunbird
If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would that be?  Doris Day
Favorite sport to watch and/or play?  Golf or baseball
Favorite color:  blue
Favorite number:  10 or 17
Is the glass half empty or half full? Half full
What do you wish you had invented:  software
What is most important in life? My family and job. 

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